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AFI affirm to all stakeholders that we will conduct our business in a safe manner. Our vision for Safety is a Zero Injury Company, which is based on the belief that all injuries are preventable and safety is an integral part of our business as a competitive advantage. Management takes the responsibility of providing a safe working environment and expects employees to behave in a safe manner not only on the job but also making safety a personal value of life by living these principles off the job.

We aim to remain committed to prevent injury and ill health and will continually improve our OHS Management System to deliver consistent and measurable progress through the following commitments:

  1. We will promote a safety conscious culture within the organization through a structured behavioral safety program.
  2. We will ensure the safety of our employees, contractors and visitors at all our sites, and where ever we operate.
  3. We will assess the safety risks of the new facilities and maintain them in a manner that they are safe to operate.
  4. We will design and develop safe processes for all business operations.
  5. We will be ready for any emergency and will proactively plan for it in all our operations.
  6. We will promote off-the-job safety as a personal value of life
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