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Asian Food Industries Limited is committed to meeting the needs of customers and consumers in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner, through continuous improvement in environmental performance in all our activities.

Accordingly, Asian Food Industries, aims are to:

  • Ensure the safety of our products and operations for the environment
  • Exercise the same concern for the environment wherever we operate
  • Reduce the environmental footprint of our business and brands
  • Continual improvement of environmental management system

To achieve these aims, we will:

  • Evaluate our environmental impacts at every stage of manufacturing.
  • Ensure our organizations comply with applicable environmental legislation and regulations and with global environmental Standards.
  • Audit our compliance with legislation and global standards and investigate all environmental safety incidents in order to prevent recurrence.
  • Operate an independent approval process to assure the environmental safety of our products and processes.
  • Use standards of environmental risk/ impact assessment which are robust, and scientifically sound, whilst at the same time working in partnership with others to improve on what we do.
  • Develop our environmental management systems and processes to improve our environmental performance. Set objectives and targets for continuous improvement.
  • Encourage our suppliers to develop improved processes and ingredients and cooperate with our business partners to improve overall environmental impact and performance.
  • Work with industry bodies, government agencies, business partners and other concerned organizations to promote environmental care, increase knowledge and disseminate best practice.
  • Protect the environment and use of sustainable resources.
  • Remain alert and responsive to developing issues, knowledge and public concerns.

AFI will communicate actively in order to:

  • Ensure that employees are aware of the Company’s environmental policy and motivated to apply it.
  • Provide relevant information and advice, e.g., to our customers and consumers on the environmental impacts of our products and processes.
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