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Company Profile

Asian Food Industries (AFI) under the brand name Mayfair has brought joy to millions of consumers since 1969. Mayfair with its premium quality confectionary and biscuit brands brings fond memories to young kids and all who have grown up savoring our candies, bubbles, chews, toffees and biscuits. We enjoy the trust of our consumers in Pakistan and in over 25 countries around the world.

AFI, a family concern, was set up by the late Mr. Mehboob Elahi with the objective of developing and producing premium quality confectionery. Since our inception our overriding objective has been to be the leader in quality and innovation.

As a result, Mayfair has a number of ‘firsts’ to our credit. We were the first to introduce Bubble Gum, Chews and Deposited Candies in Pakistan. We were also the first confectionery company in Pakistan to receive the prestigious BRC certification for quality.

Our quest for high-quality leadership has made us a major force in the local confectionery market and has helped us achieve a significant presence in international markets as well.

In 2005 with the same focus on quality and innovation we entered the highly competitive biscuit industry with our Chocolate enrobed biscuit “Chocday”. This brand still enjoys unchallenged leadership in its segment. This success was closely followed by Café which is now one of the leading biscuit brands in Pakistan.

In keeping with our philosophy to improve our processes and enhance our ability to serve our consumers we have made a significant expansion in our confectionery operations and will complete the expansion of our biscuit plant within 2010. We will also have completed the implementation of SAP-a state of the art ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system-within the year.

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