company profile

1. introduction

Mayfair Limited is one of the leading cotton yarn manufacturers in Pakistan, producing high quality cotton yarn for sensitive consumers in Europe, the Far East and other regions. Operation of the mill began in the year 1991, being promoted by its illustrious founders. Since then the mill has shown remarkable growth not only in the area of sales & volume, but more importantly, in its stature.

It is interesting to note that the mill commands a premium price in the markets where it is present, a recognition accorded to it by its customers in appreciation towards its commitment to quality, price and consistency of supply.

It is a firm belief, bequeathed by the founders, that even in adverse market conditions, that supply be maintained to the extent required. It is an endearing quality well appreciated by our customers, who have been the mainstay in the remarkable progress of the company.


Mayfair Limited is a technologically well equipped organization manufacturing wide range of yarns. The machinery used for producing this cotton yarn is most modern with auto-coners, auto-leveler draw frames and new generation cards. Headed by Mr. Shahid Iqbal CEO cum Managing Director, Mayfair Limited has benefited greatly under his expert supervision and valuable experience. He has pumped new life into the industry by supplementing the units with additional more efficient machinery which proved to be not only economically viable but also improved on quality and range of yarn being produced.

A team of extremely dedicated, skillful workforce is the driving force that ultimately yields products as unique as their efforts to bring it about. In-house training maintains the upkeep of the staff with technologies abroad. The unit is equipped with the latest machinery imported mainly to expand the existing infrastructure. Spinning out from the unit is wide range of yarns made from Cotton. Cotton yarns produced is both carded and combed.

The production capacity of the unit is approximately 33 tones per day. The product is versatile and finds use in many different ways in the textile and clothing industry of which it forms the essential ingredient.

The high quality of the product has carved for itself and export market where all kinds of cotton yarns, synthetic yarns and their blends are exported. Export growths have been phenomenal and predict the future trends. Mayfair Ltd. has been marked from the beginning to spin a success story all their own.


Mayfair Limited manufacturers’ cotton yarn counts Ne 10/1 to Ne 40/1, both single and double. These cotton yarns conform to the highest standards with respect to Uster evenness, neps and Classimatt faults.

The cotton yarn is produced from various blends of domestic and International cotton. Incase of Pakistani cotton, our experienced cotton selectors are spread over the cotton belt of Punjab. Control on quality of Cotton is exercised right to keep it contamination free from picking stage.

Cotton is ginned in our modern Ginning Unit comprising of both Saw and Roller Gin. Each bale passes out of Ginning Factory after it meets Mayfair's Quality Standards. All the contamination free bales produced in our Ginning Factory meets Uster HVI900 Grade.

Cotton is processed in our mills under controlled conditions created by sophisticated State of Art, Humidity and Textile Air Engineering system provided by LUWA Humidification System. Each process conforms to stringent quality norms. Our quality assurance department has latest Uster equipments.

We constantly monitor the quality of the product at various stages of yarn manufacturing. Our Murata winders are equipped with third generation contamination control Uster cleaners & coupled with Air Splicers. Thus Knotless, Flawless & High Quality yarn confirming to Uster Standards is produced.


Performance of the yarn during warping, weaving / knitting are of paramount importance and great importance is accorded towards achieving this end. Final packing of cotton yarn is checked and re-checked to ensure fault-free packages.

Strong-sea worthy carton boxes and pallets are used for packing this cotton yarn, to ensure nil damage during transit, loading and unloading.


Quality is the hallmark of Mayfair Limited. The workforce consists of well qualified personnel who have a pragmatic and dynamic approach. The management constantly strives to take effective steps to maintain its name as a brand leader in the industry. We regularly update ourselves with the latest changes in manufacturing procedures and adopt them to give consumers value for money as well as premium quality.


i) To produce the highest quality cotton yarn in the world.
ii) To provide the best in customer service in the industry.
iii) To ensure consumers rate our yarn as first with regards to production efficiency, and final product appearance, feel and durability.

“Mayfair Limited, fostering a tradition of long term mutually beneficial business relationships with our customers.”